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Its much better then a real woman, I had many girlfriends in my life. All the want its the good life. This doll, doesn't ask me for anything and I can enjoy her company and have sexual intercourse as much as i want and doesn't complaint. I have two already and wow it's so great.

My first love doll

This was my first time purchasing a love doll, I have never had one before. First of all, let me say that if you're interested in buying this doll, you should seriously consider it, don't hesitate if this is something you really want. For the price, this doll is an incredible value. It will provide you hours of fun and maybe more depending on how far you want to take it. I really enjoy dressing up my doll. For it's primary intended purpose, I think this is absolutely great! It looks good and it feels good. Really enjoy the big ass and tities. Also, thumbs up for customer service. They are great and responsive. Now I am already considering ordering my second doll from here.

Cant get enough

Not only is as described, but also feels so real, I can’t get enough of a good thing like this. I would recommend. 10/10

Mariah the MILF

After browsing for a few days I decided on this one. Received in about week and half to the UK, I think it’s better than real person to be honest. no headaches. she is good company also. very well made i must say, oh and very beautiful.


I bought a doll from here last year and the quality is great. I came back to buy my second doll and tried it. I am very pleased.

Taylor review

Very impressive and functional doll. Customer support responded right away and the shipping wait time was not bad at all - arrived faster than expected. It came in a discrete box. No tearing or scraps on the doll, very well packaged. Doll is proportional and tall with a full figure and met my expectations. Entries are nice, no complaints there. Overall, lots of fun and worth the money.


All I can say is WOW!! it's heavier than I expected, and the "instrument" is much Longer than I expected. So far i'm having a lot of fun with it, and I love that it's heavy enough to manuver comfortably in different positons. I also love the "real" feel of it. It's a great birthday gift to myself, and I'm very pleased with my new man.

Great gift!

I got one doll as a gift to a friend to assist with PTSD and loneliness, he had been to war and endured alot of personal trials in and out of the sandbox. It makes a great companion to cuddle or snuggle whenever the mood strikes, or to add that extra weight to the bed. It is nice to have an item which you can invest time and care in as well as recieve health benefits.

We love it

This is by far one of the coolest toy in our arsenal. The penis on this guy could put most men to shame so be careful. The wife enjoys it as well and watching her do this doll is such a turn on trust me!! If you have ever wondered what it would be like to watch your woman ride another dick you need to get yourselves one of these.


Wow! Exceeded my expectations! Very, very impressed. Very nice for the money. Will definitely buy another one. And then another…

Sexy man

This thing is awesome. As a single woman who doesn't fool around with anyone, I still have my needs. I like things to be as realistic as possible so I bought this. I've ridden it, done doggy style with it, and missionary too. I'm still learning all the possibilities but i love it and it's been the best sex toy I've ever had and gotten me off the most! the cock is a very good size. Hes the one ;)

Very nice

Quality is excellent. Very adaptable to real life positions for posing. Natural color on doll is excellent and really no need for make-up. Shipment was very well packaged, and customer support is excellent. I would buy from DameDolls again.

My new man

I love it! It's heavier than I thought, but I'm really enjoying it.

Blond sex doll

I really enjoy cuddling at night next to my doll, I’ve been so lonely for so long, and she has finally brought a little bit of happiness into my life. I hope to one day meet a woman and fall in love, but until then I’ll pour all of my love and affection into my doll

Top notch product

I have to say this is a great product, been using for a few weeks now an still just like new. The silicone feels so real like. I like the size of the doll, it’s easy to move around and store. Everything is on point.

Sex doll

He is perfect in every way! Feels 'just right'! Definately would recommend


I have been watching this doll for a long time. Finally purchased. I am speechless. So worth it.


I love this chiseled male doll. I recently moved out of state and no longer have a partner, chad fills that need wonderfully!

Fantastic sex doll

Much hotter in person than the photo. I spend a few minutes each day looking at her in disbelief. Feels great in all holes.

5 stars

My review is geared towards men, from the perspective of a gay man. Just got this in and tried it for the first time. The "piece" is prrettyyy big.. had a hard time with it, but will adjust and learn to work with it. I was surprised by how real it felt. Now, as for using this as the "bottom", men, the feel and weight of this is unparalleled. Buy this *right* now. Look no further. Ask no more questions. I'm looking forward to countless hours of fun topping this thing.


I bought this for my husband because I travel a lot for work. My husband loves it and it's very good quality. I had a couple of questions before purchase and David from customer service was quick to answer and very helpful. According to my husband, she feels pretty real in all cavities. Can definitely have a positive effect on any marriage and avoid cheating. A great product and a great reliable company -Thanks!

Lifelike male doll

I have purchased several sex toys in the past. This time I decided to go for something more realistic, and I'm really glad I did because the usual sex toys aren't always what you need. This satisfies very well. It's big and heavy. Your biology will take over once it's in your lap. If it's been a while, you'll probably be getting quite creative. Even just taking a naked nap with this thing can relieve a lot of stress. If you have other toys, but nothing life-sized, it complements them perfectly.

Mia Doll Review

This love doll is a piece of art. I am very amazed by her sculpted appearance and very pleased to have her as part of my life. The doll is very detailed from head to toe and she will rock your world as if she is the girl of your dreams. I had a few questions prior to purchasing and I used the chat feature here and David was very helpful in asnwering all my questions, got follow up emails after purchase and when the doll was shipped. Overall great experience with this company!

Realistic as can get

This doll is a fabulous, sexy depiction of the female anatomy. I received about 2 weeks ago, wanted to give a few trys before leaving my review, so far so good.


The thing is huge! I'd never believed that anything that big could get inside of me but little did I know. Whith proper amount of lube it gets in just fine and feels amazing!