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How Couples in Long Distance Relationship Can Combat Loneliness and Lovesickness

Posted on June 27 2018

Long distance relationship can be excruciatingly stressful and frustrating. Whether as a married, engaged or casually dating couple, the effect of the distance is always evident on those involved. With Skype, Whatsapp Video and other live video calls application, a bit of the frustration will be eliminated. However, it’s not always enough to communicate via video calls or other means even on a daily basis. In the end, it creates a vacuum in the mind and heart of lovers. Long distance relationship does not defy “out of sight is out of heart” syndrome.

There are numerous struggles peculiar to a long distance relationship. The “distance” in a long distance relationship comes with a huge price which is often unbearable by the partners. The good news is that you and your partner are not alone in the struggle. Thousands of relationships are currently in a turmoil due to distance. Often times, the partners are at a loss as to what to do in remedying the imbroglio. There are no less than 9 problems faced by couples in long distance relationship;

  • Slow or Little Communication
  • Absence of support
  • Hectic life and work schedules
  • Growing apart
  • Spending a lot on traveling and data bills
  • You are always fighting and complaining about the distance
  • You feel out of touch
  • Constantly longing for company
  • Cheating to make up for the distance

Of all the problems, the most pronounced relates to sex and romance. Every of these problems have a fix but satisfying yourself sexually without cheating is always a challenge or an impossibility until now. When it’s just short absences, it can make a relationship fun and exciting. Most times, it is not but rather long distance relationship. It is nothing but the truth that absence makes the heart fonder. Let rephrase, long-term absence in a long distance relationship makes the heart weaker. One problem that often arises in a long distance relationship is SEX. This often leads to cheating by either of the couples, this ends up tearing the relationship apart.

Being the major problem faced by long-distance lovers, sex dolls can bridge the gap and solve the problem encountered by couples. However, there have been numerous controversy surrounding silicone sex dolls. None bothers on health, the argument against realistic sex dolls have been moral, religious and emotionally inclined. No need to feel creepy about sex dolls, they have become part of our sex life. It’s just like any sex toys available to humans today.

It’s just a matter of time; sex robots will go mainstream and globally accepted. It will end up being part of every relationship especially couples who are separated by distance. This will go beyond the adorable relationship Ryan Gosling have with his beautiful realistic sex doll.

Sexually active couples in long distance relationship may end up cheating, and whether the other partner knows or not, it’ll still affect the relationship. Deception might not only be sexual, but it might also be seeing someone else and sharing affection. Doing things that are meant to be shared with a loved one.  However, couples in long distance relationship can introduce realistic sex dolls in their relationship. They can customize their sex dolls in the exactness of their partner’s physical attributes. The sex doll will be a constant reminder of their love for each other and the need to keep being in love. Rather than having sex with someone else, when it’s being done with the silicone sex doll, it's registered in their minds of making love to their partner who are thousands of miles and kilometers’ away.

They may even decide to make love with their partner in the form of a sex doll at the same time via Skype or other video calling application. This will go a long way to strengthen the relationship and keep the passion burning until the next time you have the chance to hold your partner in your arms. Long-distance partners should embrace sex doll as it is definitely what they need to sustain the relationship.



Final Words…

Sex dolls have come to stay, and they will form an essential part of our relationship right from now into the future. Embracing realistic sex dolls isn’t rocket science, see it like any other sex toys or accessories. To couples in long distance relationships, it’s their partner in absentia.

A sex doll will go a long way to help long-distance partners stay faithful in their relationship. This will limit the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and infecting their partners later on. In the final analysis, realistic sex dolls can solve myriads of emotional, sexual and other related problems with minimal efforts.

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